Pilates and Men

Many people see Pilates as a women’s workout. There are many great benefits for men in Pilates, though. Below are a few of the benefits men get from Pilates.

  1. Pilates provides a workout for the whole body: you will no longer have an “ab day” when working out with Pilates. In fact, the muscle groups you typically ignore will be ignored no longer. Pilates is a great all-around workout for anyone. In fact, our friends at https://www.texasrainmakers.com find that Pilates helps their employees in all areas of the job because it works for all the muscle groups.
  2. Helps build your core strength: every exercise in Pilates is focused on moving your core. The entire practice of Pilates is designed to keep your core engaged. If you are wanting to work on your six-pack, Pilates may very well be your answer. Not only will you strengthen your ab muscles, but all the supporting muscles around your abs and your back will become stronger, giving you a more balanced body.
  3. Improved flexibility through Pilates: you need flexibility for more than just tying your shoes. Generally speaking, the more muscle mass your body has, the less flexibility you have. The strengthening exercises provided through Pilates stretch those muscles and greatly increase your range of motion. Not only will you be able to tie your shoes easier, but you can improve your techniques for other sports as well.
  4. A man invented Pilates: since Pilates was invented by a man, it was initially designed for a man. Pilates combines boxing, gymnastics, weightlifting, and dancing to work out the entire body. It was also used on soldiers in rehabilitation in WWII to help them reform.
  5. Health risks reduced: Pilates is great to work on injuries and for reducing blood pressure and managing diabetes. There are so many benefits to Pilates that go beyond refining your body.

Both men and women can benefit greatly from Pilates. Not only is it great for strengthening your body, but it is a wonderful way to reduce the effects of stress faced daily.