How Pilates Helps Dancers

Many of the most elite dancers spend up to eight hours a day training. Though you may believe it is counter-intuitive, many dancers do Pilates to keep their bodies in peak physical condition. How can Pilates help you as a dancer?

When dancers first started doing Pilates, it was mostly used as a rehabilitative and preventative routine. Dancers often suffer from injuries through performing but can’t afford to take time off from their sport. Pilates helps dancers maintain their muscle tone, flexibility, and core strength, helping to protect them from injury.

As with most sports, when an athlete adds a new exercise, they may be concerned about the new exercise developing muscle groups that are not beneficial to their choice of sport. This is not the case when mixing Pilates with dance, though. Most dance styles count on the dancer creating lean, long lines. Pilates helps to do this very thing by developing muscles that are lengthened as a primary focus. Also, a lot of Pilates movements are performed with legs turned out to help strengthen the muscles and increasing the mobility in the joints and hips. That is a great benefit to ballet dancers and those who dance many other styles. Coordination is also improved through Pilates, which is important in any style of dance.

On top of the improvement in coordination, Pilates helps the dancer with their movement and breathing. Improving those skills helps the dancer find more freedom in their movements while dancing.

As you can see, there are many benefits to Pilates for dancers. Though Pilates wasn’t originally designed with dancers in mind, it can be the perfect addition to any dancer’s workout routine. If you are a dancer, give Pilates a try to see how much it can improve the many aspects of dance for you.