Getting Taller with Pilates

When I first started out with Pilates, people began making comments that I looked taller. I didn’t pay much attention to their comments until I started noticing the same. The Pilates principles strengthen your muscles and improve the length of your body. How is that so? Well, let’s investigate it.

Stress Relief on Joints

The spring tension that Pilates offers helps clients to hyper-control their motions, providing more ease of movement for the body. When your joints are less stressed, you can keep a good posture, helping you to feel and look taller. Pilates also strengthens muscles that are underdeveloped and lengthens overused muscles. When your body is in balance, stress is decreased, and the spine is more relaxed and lengthened.

Pilates Helps Body Move Correctly

When you walk, run, sit, and jump in proper form, you can reduce the stress on your body and sit taller. The practices of Pilates teach these concepts to promote health, thus leading to a taller you. For example, Pilates teaches you to keep your shoulders in line and to not slump, thus leading you to stand and sit in a straighter position.

Increased Mental Health and Positive Self-Image

One of the big benefits of Pilates is that it provides you with the tools needed to increase your level of energy, improve strength, and help you feel better about yourself. When you feel better about yourself, you keep a better overall posture and tend to have more pep in your step.

There are several things you should consider when deciding on a fitness plan that works for you. If you want to increase your strength, improve your flexibility, and build a positive self-image, you should certainly consider Pilates. There are many benefits to Pilates, as you have read above. Pilates will also help you enjoy more joint mobility, decrease the stress on your body, and help you to work on the best version of yourself, even if that includes becoming taller.